Modern Day MASH?

Day 80
Camp Spearhead has something of a MASH quality to it. There’s a movie every night. Usually a pretty good one. Tonight was The Human Stain. Pretty good movie. Not the kind of movie I really like. Too much thinking involved. I like the pure unadulterated entertainment movies. There’s the Chief of the Watch office, affectionately called the COW. This is where Corporal O`reilly would be if he were here. Mind you, this is not where the CO’s office is. None the less, it is the hub of activity. We also have an equivelent to the MASH hospital where we carry out our primary mission. Things are rather MASH-like out there too. All of this covers only the Navy aspects of things here at Camp Spearhead. The preponderance of the Cmap is Army. I’m not involved with much of the Army’s day to day operations here.

We got a new DFac (DFac is Army-speak for the place where personnel are fed). The DFac use to be this huge tent. There were unit flags hanging from what would have been the ceiling if it weren’t a tent. There were TVs in two corners. The place had character. It had a feel to it. Well, they built a new DFac. Very clean and neat. Complete devoid of any uniqueness or character. Very sterile and impersonal. I liked the old DFac a lot better. I also prefer the Navy term gallery or chow hall to DFac.


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