MIUW 104 vs Navy SEALs

Preliminarily (do you suppose that is really a word?), I don’t like it much when my watch starts at noon. I can’t sleep until it is time to get up for watch but there’s really not enough time to do a whole lot before watch either. I ended up standing around waiting for time to pass. Not fun.

And now more to the title of this post, today there is a war going on (well, ok, a few minor skirmishes) between MIUW 104 and the SEALS. Yeah, I mean like with rounds being fired and everything. It is quite exciting. I guess I have to explain. One of the things we train towards is the ability to handle our own security and defense in the face of a hostile action. As part of the that training the SEALs who normally train on the same facility that we are using are acting as the Opposing Force (OpFor in Mil-speak). It’s really pretty fun. They use a special type of paint ball gun. The weapon is an adapted M14 that fires paintballs instead of bullets. I got off watch before any of the real action started. It should be quite interesting to hear the stories tomorrow from the guys out there tonight.


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