MIUW 104 has been relieved…

Sept 1 – Day 178
We have been relieved. MIUW 104 is no longer executing the mission in Mina Al Shuaiba, Kuwait. At 1500C MIUW 204 relieved us of the mission. Now all we have left is to pack our gear and our personal belongings, clear customs, board planes and begin our homecoming celebrations. I’m looking forward to seeing my wife and kids. I miss them.

Part of me is sad to be leaving. It is exciting to be a part of history. There’s a lot of controversy over this war. Right, wrong or indifferent, the war will be in the history books. It is exciting to be out here and be part of it.

I was part of the team that set up the most important mission the Navy has today. The protection of the ABOT and KAAOT. Those oil terminals account for a huge percentage of Iraqs revenue. I was a part of the team that established that mission. Maybe they will event mention that mission in the history books. That’d be cool.

I met a lot of interesting people. The guys from 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment who taught me to play Spades. That will be a story I’ll tell probably everything I play Spades. In any case, I will always remember those guys when I play the game. I still wish they’d write me.

It’s been a good tour. In spite of a lot of issues and problems I have enjoy my tour over here. I have to imagine that if I continue to serve in the military, even as a reservist, I will be over here again. Next time, I’d like something farther North. I fear that next time will be longer than six months. I hope that next time I’m involved in something that allows me to have more direct contact with the Iraqi people. I would like to meet them, to learn about them and their culture.

I look forward to seeing what happens to Iraq. I think it is a long, hard and violent road ahead of them. I hope the Iraqi people will find their way to some form of democratic government that permits them the freedom to live life without having to fear the government. I hope that future generations of Iraqis will know the value of freedom.


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