Misinformation from the press

I am anxious to hear the outcry on this. This is all the things that the US government and the military are being accused of. Dissemination of misinformation and causing the death of innocents. 16 people were killed and 100 people were injured as result of uprisings and protest in reaction to an article published by Newsweek. Military and intelligence operations need oversight and accountability. The press is not the appropriate organization to perform this duty.

Having said all of that, I commend Newsweek for at least coming forward and admitting that they published unverified information. Mind you, Newsweek maintains that it “reported very carefully, with great sensitivity and concern” and is not considering any disciplinary action for any of its staff.

You have got to love the media.


2 thoughts on “Misinformation from the press

  1. BUT NOW the US Government needs to find out who that un-named souce is and fire that person.

  2. Yes, I suppose that would be the thing to do. That’s what happens in the corporate world. I don’t expect it will though.

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