Misguided Direction

This two page article in the Washington Post carries on about students spending “borrowed money” in the form of their student loans on lattes at specialty coffee shops “like Starbucks.” Erika Lim, director of career services at Seattle University School of Law seems to be at the fore of this campaign to persuade students to stop drinking “expensive coffee”. Interesting to me that Lim chooses coffee. I have to wonder how much alcohol students purchase with ‘borrowed money’. This seems to me a more worthy target. Not only would the students save money but they would also improve their health (unless they are only drinking the small amount of alcohol necessary for health benefits) as well. And they might even learn more as a result of being alert in class instead of hung over. All of which is to say, it seems that there are a number of more worthy targets than coffee for Lim to take aim at.

Interestingly enough, Erika Lim will drink an expensive latte as long as someone else buys it. Hum? Erika Lim better hope that not too many of her friends take the advice she’s doling out lest she herself have to start living without lattes.


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