Day 77
So, after yesterday’s entry I got motivated and finished Sue Grafton’s B is for Burglar. Good book. Excellent ending. Relatively clean which I appreciated. By clean I mean that I would let my daughter read it.

Now I have to decide which book to read next. Mr. Kneif’s works are always tempting but I’d also like to get to know some of the other popular private detectives. I think I’ll probably read a MacDonald novel next.

It seems empty around camp. A lot of units have gone home. A lot of units have gone north. I’m still waiting to hear from Supply Guy, Sarge and The Other Guy. I hope they are well and getting reacquainted with their families. At some point I hope they remember their buddy still in Kuwait. I’d like to hear from them again. I got an email from my new friend Jock. He’s working hard setting the septics straight up in the NAG.

The weather is definitely getting hotter. Not unbearably so yet but it’s only May. I’m guessing August is going to be a killer. We’ll see.