Michael Moore has an agenda?

The popular press has finally fingered Michael Moore as a propagandist. MTV’s review of Michael Moore’s latest attempt at movie making actually identifies the fact that Michael Moore is not being honest in his presentation of the topic. Kurt Loder does a great job of dispelling Moore’s assertion that socialized medicine is what America should be aiming for. Like Loder, I agree that we need something better but Canada, Britain and France are evidence of direction that we need not bother with. In my opinion, Japan might be worth a look.

More significant is the fact that a popular news organization is publishing an article that points out the flaws in Moore’s message. I did not see an such articles addressing Fahrenheit 9/11. Yet, that movie had the same issues. Fahrenheit 9/11 was not a presentation of all the facts but rather a careful presentation of only that which supported Moore’s political message. Public reception of Fahrenheit 9/11 seemed to treat the movie as a documentary, an attempt to provide a factual record. In fact, Moore’s movies are propaganda, promoting and publicizing or popularizing a particular political cause or point of view. As Loder makes clear in his review of Sicko, Moore has little regard for the truth or, is so arrogant as to consider his opinion to be truth.

Ravi Zacharias often makes the point that Western society in general and American society especially has given up critical thinking and rational argument and replaced it with popular opinion. Public reaction to Moore’s movie is a prime example of this. The American public is willing to treat Moore’s claims as fact without verification or justification. Whether it’s Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher or Michael Savage it is critical to verify their points before subscribing to their view or regurgitating their message. They all have, first and foremost, a political agenda that they are putting forth. Disseminating truth is slave to that agenda.


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One thought on “Michael Moore has an agenda?

  1. Including Rush Limbaugh with moore, maher & Savage is an indication that one has not listened to Mr Limbaugh objectively throughout several shows. Letting one’s personal likes or dislikes of an individual’s style is not objective but rather subjective. Limbaugh openly says what his political leanings are, the other don’t. Limbaugh gives reasons and facts for his opinion the others just say nasty things about those ideas or people they don’t like.
    It’s like reading “far-left ” websites to find out what is going on, on the O’Reilly Factor rather than watching his show on TV. One must watch or listen for several shows with an open mind before judging if the show is honest.

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