Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonder Christmas. As a Christian, the Christmas holiday holds a special and significant meaning for me personally. However, Christmas is also a cultural phenomenon. Regardless of your views of who Jesus was — personal saviour, just a man or a myth — I hope and pray that you have family and loved ones to enjoy.

I’d like also to mention the thousands of families who are separated this holiday season. Military service members currently serving in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afganistan are making a sacrifice that most people in America cannot comprehend. A time that for most American families is a happy joyous time carries an underlying pain for military families whose loved ones are deployed. Military families usually become adept at carrying on, ignoring the sadness and pain. They put a bright face on it, they smile and talk about how proud they are of their husband/father/brother/son/wife/mother/sister/daughter. And then at night went they go to bed many of them cry a few tears and wonder why it is that their loved one does what s/he does. These are some America’s heros. Not only the men and women who serve but also the families that support them.

My turn is coming. We are lucky however. It is unlikely that we will have to be apart during the holidays.


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