Merry Christmas

I love the holiday season. I love Christmas. The birth of Christ is significant to me which is the starting point for the day. However, Christmas is also a part of American heritage. I love both aspects of the holiday. Last night we went to church for the Christmas eve service. Lots of singing and what not. A message on the coming of Christ and what lessons we might learn from it. Then we went to a friends house, had soup and pie and enjoyed friendship. This morning we opened presents, had a huge turkey dinner and basically had a quiet day at home.

Open of the highlights of the day. My wife gave me a box of Triscuits and can of spray-on cheese. I wouldn’t open the Triscuits because I wasn’t hungry for Triscuits. My daughter was relentless in her demand to eat some of my Triscuits. I didn’t get it. Finally I relented and offered to let her have some. I handed her the box but she didn’t want to open it. I still didn’t get it. So I opened the box, fully expecting to find Triscuits inside. Nope. New DVD. Nice!

I hope Christmas was good at your house. If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you celebrate something and in the course of it I hope you enjoy family and/or friends. Relationships is really what life is about. Sharing life with others. Sharing the joy of life.


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