Meeting the People

Day 36
I think my favorite thing to do here is meet the guys who are headed home. I really enjoy hearing their stories, hearing about what they’re looking forward to. I met a guy today, well actually I met him a few days ago. He’s a buddy of my other friend in the 3rd Armored Cav Regiment (ACR). Got to Iraq in November. He’s one of the ones to stay behind and help load 3rd ACR’s equipment on to the ships. He’s looking forward to seeing his family again. Really nice guy. We talked about the Army. Mostly because I asked a lot of questions. The poor guy was trying to eat his supper before formation which is Army-speak for muster which is Navy speak for gathering together to talk about what to do next. I learned a lot about the Army and his career plans.

Sounds like I might get a chance to see the USNS Bob Hope. I am a big Bob Hope fan. If the ship comes in here I would like to get over there and get a ship’s ball cap and maybe a coffee cup. USNS Bob Hope is cool.


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  1. Hi, you can get all of the Bob Hope “stuff” on “NETFLIX”. when you get home.His movies and some of his war time activities.
    I love you Son,

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