Mac OS X Hacked? Hum.

Sensationalism. You gotta love it.
Mac OS X hacked under 30 minutes: ZDNet Australia
but wait…
Mac OS X hacked in 30 minutes? Not quite
and finally…
Mac OS X Security Test

The article on that last site, Mac OS X Security Test, tells The Rest of the Story (copyright Paul Harvey).

Fear, like sex, sells. Instill fear in people of something and then sell them the product that will protect them. Or instill fear in people and then tell them what to do to prevent the fear item/event from happening.

The Windows XP box that I purchased a while back came with anti-virus and anti-spam software installed. They were demo versions, of course, that now persistently nag me to upgrade for the paltry sum of $XXXX. Fat chance. But it is fairly common for Windows users to purchase and install anti-virus software.

Lately there’s been a lot of talk of Mac’s ‘vulnerability’ to attack. There were three ‘security holes’ that were patched by Apple recently. It is a very good idea to check for and install system software updates regularly and often, regardless of the OS you use. My primary anti-virus practice is not installing Microsoft products on my Macs.


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