Day 23
Lights. It’s all about the lights. Turn them all on? Turn some of them on? Leave them off all the time? What do we do with the lights.

A number of our senior enlisted personnel have spent the past few days trying to find a middle ground on the very complicated issue of lighting in the berthing tents. The berthing tents are where we sleep. In the temporary housing tent there has developed a running argument around turning on the lights. It seems there are some people who want to turn on the lights in the tent.

Because we work in shifts round the clock there is always quite a few people who are trying to sleep in the tent. The lighting is in the form of four foot fluorescent tube fixtures. They are very bright. The people who are trying to get some sleep obviously want the lights off. Some of the folks who are off watch and not sleeping would like to turn on some lights so that they can lay in their rack and read or whatever. As soon as someone turns the lights on, the arguing starts.

Don’t get me wrong here. So far, this battle has not really affected me at all save the entertainment value of watching the powers that be try to resolve the issue.

And then there’s the on going saga of Internet access. It seems to be getting better. A friend of mine has joined the team that is working to improve it. Having been brought up to date on the whole thing he’s pretty positive about it. Since I haven’t yet managed to get Internet access through my cell phone I think I will probably hold off and see how things develop.

Another day, another watch, another X on the calendar.


2 thoughts on “Lights?

  1. hey there smittie. i am actually just saying hi and that it is strange here w/o you. oh well, i have to go now. bye!!!!

  2. Hey Smittie, you really have a way with words…… I am really enjoying reading your BLOGS!! Thanx for keeping us up to date and for giving us some insight into your life on a day to day basis…. keep it up, you may have a career in journalism!!!

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