Learning WordPress

I have read through the docs that explain the basic structure of the WordPress theme. Seems simple enough. The next step is to delve deeper into the theme structure as I figure out how to duplicate the design I currently have on Smittie’s Ramblings. I would like to incorporate my resume into the design. This should include structuring it so that I can manage the resume entries using WordPress instead of authoring them directly in HTML, which is rather tedious.

I have several things I want to get done first but I am looking forward to exploring the plethora of plug-ins and extensions for WordPress. There is a lot of interesting functionality out there. Plug-ins for Movable Type are a bit of a mess. A given plug-in may or may not work on a particular version of Movable Type. The author may or, more likely, may not still be supporting it. Once installed a plug-in could bring your whole site to a standstill because Movable Type can’t find itself. I have heard and expect that the WordPress plug-in world is more organized. Or so I hope.


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