Last of the 3rd ACR is Going Home…

Day 44
To start, I need to offer a correction. Or at least The Supply Guy says I need to offer a correction. I should be referring to his unit as the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment instead of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Division.

3rd ACR finally got some definitive word on when they’re going home. Or at least it’s semi-definitive (which renders the definitiveness questionable but I’m going in circles here). My three buddies went to call their families and deliver the news. Two hung up on my buddies and, I suspect, one took the news with more than a little skepticism. You see, they are going home a little later than many were hoping. Not a lot later mind you, like many units. Just a few days later. I’ll miss my new friends but I’m glad for them, they are going home.

Those who moved into the smaller tent had an interesting day yesterday, it seems. Struggling over fair allocation of the available space. From what I hear they had to hash it out one last time at around midnight. The Fest Tent where I still live is becoming positively roomy.


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