Just Another Day

Day 8
Things are becoming pretty routine. I like my schedule. Enough time to do things for myself. Not too much to get bored and unhappy. We still have to send the departing group on their way. Then there will be some adjustments as we tailor things to our own liking. Once that is done, we’ll just start grinding through the days. I figure we have about 195 days to go.

Talking to the det that is leaving it seems that some guys have found that time passes pretty quickly. Others say they feel like they’ve been here forever. I wonder which one it’ll be for me?

There’s a little area here where the Exchange, Baskin-Robbins, Subway, the barber, the dry cleaners, the internet cafe and a coffee shop are. We call it Shuaiba Mall. The younger service members — some of them look like they’re about 12 — gather there to ‘hang out’. It looks a lot like a mall back home. Kids in groups talking to each other and on their cell phones. Cell phones seem to me like a bad idea tactically but…

I saw something that made me go ‘hummmmmm’ the other day. Camp rules say no sex in camp, period. In the Exchange I noticed this product on the shelf called Erotica. Hum? It is a dietary supplement designed to enhance women’s pleasure during sex. OK. So if sex isn’t permitted in camp…


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