Day 120
Why is it that the only thing the American Press thinks news worthy is when one of us dies over here (hardly news anymore) and when one of us does something reprehensible? I understand reporting reprehensible acts. I understand reporting on the death of Americans over here. What I don’t understand is why they don’t report on some of the other things happening here. A people that had nothing now have hope and they are acting on it.

If the American press is going to report on the deaths of Americans they should at least have facts before they go to press. In the case of the Marine one of the insurgent groups is currently holding captive, the American press released a story based solely on information they read on a web site.

“Honest, I know it’s true. I read it on the Internet.” Heellllooooo?

The Stars & Stripes &#8211 a newspaper that is suppose to be for the troops &#8211 ran this story as its front page headline on the 4th of July. Hum. Not something about the Iraqis celebrating on the 28th and us celebrating on the 4th. Not something about the cool 4th celebration that went on all over the region here. They ran a story that had as its only foundation a web site.
While on board the HMS Grafton I heard a comment that I think is one of the wisest things I’ve heard out here. “I don’t talk to journalists, full stop.”
I was exploring iTunes Music Store today and discovered a group that I think I’m going to really like. The group is Kohala. Very mellow, quiet. Great background music for a quiet dinner with a love one, a slow and peaceful Kauai sunset, or a waist high summer wave out at Hooper’s. I bought the Kohala album but I’ve a feeling I’ll be getting more. Good stuff.
Slow Kauai sunsets. Yeah, I’m looking forward to that.