iTunes music doesn’t work on my player /whine

From this article:

“Do you think it’s fine that a CD plays in all CD players but that an iTunes song only plays in an iPod? I don’t. Something has to change,” EU Consumer Protection Commissioner Kuneva was quoted as saying in a preview of an interview to be published on Monday.

Why? Why does anything have to change? Don’t like that songs purchased on iTunes music store don’t play on anything but an iPod? Don’t buy either one. There are plenty of options. Yahoo Music and Rhapsody to name two. With either of these services you can load the music onto a variety of digital music players.

A lot of investment has gone into iTunes. Getting the music industry to agree to allow the sale of music in a digital format took a lot of effort. Apple invested the time and resources required to get the music publishers to agree. Apple now reaps the benefits of that effort. It isn’t like the music industry doesn’t want anyone else to sell digital music files. It is that no one else wants to invest the time, money and resources to develop a system that the music industry would agree to use. It would be much either if they could simply force Apple to let them use that which is iTunes.

More simply put, you worked hard, achieved success and now you should share that success with those of us who have done nothing. Why would I do that? Why should I do that?

Don’t like that iTunes Store content doesn’t play on whatever digital media player you chose to buy? Don’t buy stuff from iTunes Store and get your friends to stop too.


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