It’s Hot!

Day 89
A new phenomenon today. I discovered what they were talking about when they told about the hot winds. Man, oh man, it literally feels little someone has a blow drier pointed at you. Really hot. It was over 110 degrees today. Not sure how hot the wind was.

I using the pay-as-you-go Internet service. It’s down right now. That’s kind of funny. Well, frustrating but funny. They say it will be back online in fifteen minutes. It’s 1946 now. We’ll see. [came back up at 2025]

So, I’ve missed my anniversary, my wife’s birthday and now this month I will miss my son’s birthday. Well, half-birthday actually. You see, my son was born on Christmas. We worried about him not getting the attention that a child should get on his birthday. What with it happening right in at the height of the holiday season, it would become an after-thought, an also-ran. Enter my wise father who suggested that we celebrate his birthday at the half-year mark instead of trying to celebrate it at Christmas time. That’s what we’ve done since he was about 2. I won’t be there this year. I’m pretty sad about that. It has been important to me to be at all the events of my children’s lives. I want my kids to remember their dad as being interested and involved in their lives. Always having time for them. I make it a point to never say, “not right now, I don’t have time.” I won’t be there this time. I think my son probably understands. It will be interesting to hear what he says. He always surprises me.


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