IT2 Smith, front and center…

Sept 2 – Day 179
Today a got an award. The Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal. I would like to think it’s a big deal and that I really worked hard to deserve it. The efforts mentioned in the citation were, in my opinion, significant and beyond the scope of a Second Class, especially in a reserve unit where second class petty officers function as the unit seamen. However, in light of the fact that everyone in the department got a similar award I can only draw the conclusion that the award is simply for coming over here and doing my job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter. I am only struggling to determine the true value of the award.

During my active duty days I took one ship through a homeport change and made one Western Pacific tour. Both of those were deployments. There were no awards ceremonies at the end of either of those deployments. We did not get NAMs simply for doing our jobs. In four years of active duty with excellent evals and one sailor of the quarter nomination I acquired one medal and one ribbon. On a six month deployment in the reserves I have added five medals.

It’s starting to feel like it is time to go home. We no long have a mission. All of our equipment is packed up and ready to ship out. People are sending boxes of stuff home. I sent home over 80 pounds of stuff since I’ve been here. Wow! That’s a lot of stuff. I am looking forward to seeing my family again. Wish I didn’t have to go back to being a reservist though. I like this job. I like this job a lot. But who knows, maybe there is something better for me on the horizon.

For now, I wait and jump through the necessary hoops to get on a plane headed toward the States. According to the current schedule I have five days to wait.


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