It Could Be Worse?

Day 122
First, my apologies. I didn’t blog yesterday. Don’t know why. I guess I forgot though that seems hard to believe. Anyway…

“…but things could be worse.” Where in the world does this saying come from? Talk about completely meaningless. If we work this statement out to its logical conclusion in, say, my situation. The line soldier, pinned down in a firefight with no fallback position and no help on the way looks over at his buddy who has already taken a round and says, “well, it could be worse.” Is he now any better off? No. The implied statement here is, “that guy over there has it worse than me so now I feel better about my pathetic situation.” I really don’t understand this statement. I hear it a lot over here.


One thought on “It Could Be Worse?

  1. Stay the course Sparks,steady as she goes, it is almost time to pack and get out of there!
    “It could be worse! You could be in the South Pole freezing your butt off!
    Enjoy Camp Patriot for what it has to offer. I know there is a Starbucks there somewhere. Your mission is to find it! I believe the clean air is affecting your ability to think! Wait til the clean Sea Air hits you from Santa Cruz! You will think you are crazy to have thought of going to the Australian Navy, (which I still can’t figure
    out why you would want to jump ship, but then
    again I havent been exposed to the poisonous gases that you have been exposed to!)

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