Iraqi Elections, Iraqi Future

Sen. Kennedy Calls for Withdrawl of U.S. Troops

American forces should leave Iraq so that the insurgency, which is terribly splintered and without focus, can get about the business of civil war to see who will be the next dictator of Iraq. Once that is decided, the winning power can then set about the task of strengthening and enforcing its regime through terrorization of the Iraqi people. I would like better for the Iraqi people than this.

This first Iraqi election is important. It is not nearly as important as the next Iraqi election. It is the second election that will demonstrate to the Iraqi people just exactly why elections are important. Only in the second election will the Iraqi people be able to see that through this process they have the means to peacefully change the government. And with the ability to peacefully change the government at predetermined and regular intervals, the Iragi people can control the government rather than the government controlling them.

Without a strong military force independent of all factions to enforce security, the second election will never happen. Iraq will disintegrate into civil war and the world will witness Saddam Husssein, Part II.
Mistakes were made by the administration. There should be some accounting for those mistakes, misjudgements, and misleadings, if they did in fact take place. However, the course from the present needs to be based on the realities of the here and now. The future of the Iraqi people should be paramount. The United States is now responsible for what Iraq becomes. As I have said before, regardless of what we think about how we got into this war, the future of Iraq is now our responsibility. We have to finish it.

God bless the Iraqi people. All of them.


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