Internet Options and The Weather

Day 19
A follow on to yesterday’s rambling about internet availability out here. I’ve decided to get Internet service through my cell phone provider. MTC offers Internet via cell phone. I was hoping that the free internet offered by NCW would be enough but as I said yesterday…

So, I am currently scheduled for another trip to the airport to talk with the folks at the MTC office again. I’m not using the ‘contact’ that our unit has. There have been some problems with people running up high bills (in excess of $1000) over the course of several months. I don’t know the details yet but I suspect that this is because they don’t get a plan that includes monthly minutes and they don’t do their research to determine the best ways to communicate with MTC. I’m just dealing directly with the office at the airport. MTC offers online tools for managing your account. I believe that if I get a monthly plan and the internet option I should be pretty set. We’ll see how it goes. If nothing else, I’ll get another chance to have Starbucks coffee and interact with Kuwaiti society and culture. I’m looking forward to it.

Speaking of Kuwaiti culture, we were introduced to another aspect of it last night. One of the gun mount watches reported seeing anti-aircraft fire with tracer rounds. Got the watch pretty excited. Turns out, that’s part of the way that the Kuwaitis celebrate. Hum? What goes up must come down, right?

Rumor has it that we will move into permanent tenting on the first. That will mean a lot of work and then a new set of personalities to intermingle with and get used to. Not always my favorite aspect of life.

There is an interesting discrepancy between the weather forecasting we get via the Navy and what the Weather Underground has to say. The weather forecast I read on watch last night said that we would be up to 93 degrees by Sunday. As you can see, Weather Underground has us at around 80 degrees for the whole week. I currently have no way to determine which forecast is correct.

The whole weather temperature thing here is funny. I’ve now heard people say that it gets up to 160 degrees here.

Another zany day in the desert. Oh the fun we have.


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  1. i’m not sure if you will be the one to end up doing the internet cafe thing or not . But in view of the fact that you have talked about opening one on kauai, it might be a good thing if you were in charge of it. But i’m not sure if you would even have time with your duties for the navy. Whatever is best for you is what will happen.

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