I’m With Fred

I'm With Fred

That’s right. I’m with Fred. I’ve signed on as a Friend of Fred Thompson. And, in the event that he decides to run for president, I plan to vote for him.
I am comfortable with Fred Thompson’s political positions. More significantly, I am comfortable with the way in which Fred Thompson makes decisions and the way in which he communicates with the public.

At the core of Fred Thompson’s political philosophy is the concept of Federalism, with strong support for implementation of government at the lowest possible level. Fred Thompson holds that the Federal government should not involve itself in issues that are really better handled at the State level. Education is an example. The driving principle in the decision of any issue is should the government be involved in this and, if yes, at what level. I am a proponent of smaller government. Government gets smaller by doing only that which should be done by the government and then only at the appropriate level of government. This makes sense to me.

I support Fred Thompson. I hope you will too.


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