I’m really home

The Hawai`i vacation is over. I’m home. I have about ten days off and then I go back to Apple and resume my life as if nothing happened. The last ten months have changed, at the very least, my outlook on life.

Now to the task of getting on with life. It’s hard for me to go back to normalcy. I enjoy and prefer military life. I prefer military life to the mundane existence in a work-a-day world serving as a corporate slave. Much of what I did in Kuwait was mundane and repetitious. That’s a lot of what my entry “It’s an enlisted man thing” was all about. However, for nine months I was an active part in something much bigger than me. I was a part of an even that will be in the history books. This is truly something I can tell my grandchildren about and it will be much more than “back in my day we had…”.



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