I Want To Go Surfing

Day 45
I moved into a tent today. So far there are only two of us in here but more will be coming to be sure. There is suppose to be eleven of us in here. It’s not bad. Wireless Internet in my tent. Enough space for me, my stuff and a little room to stand around in. It’s close to the chow hall. There’s still a lot of disgruntalment and argueing going on about living conditions. I can’t complain. Things are better than I expected.

Didn’t get to play Spades today. I had to go on watch at 1500 and my friends from 3rd ACR weren’t up yet. I was bummed.

I’ve gotten four or five letters from regular readers. Everyone who writes me almost apologizes for writing and for reading my blog. I really enjoy the letters I get. If I can say hi to a friend or loved one, I will. Please feel free to response and let me know that you’re reading.

Quiet watch tonight. That’s always welcome. Took the opportunity to provide some training to the security watch standers. That too was fun. I enjoy training.

Three of us in the unit are surfers. We talked about surfing in general, the possibility of going surfing together in San Diego when we get back and the possibility of surfing together in Hawaii. It was good to talk about life after deployment. Makes me wonder what friendships I’ll make here that will last a lifetime. When I went on West-Pac back in ’84, there were two guys with whom I became very good friends. Buddy Gentry and Marc Cruse. I lost touch with them after I left the Navy in ’85. I’ve tried many times but I’ve never been able to reconnect. I’d like to. I would like to talk about old times and see what they are doing now.


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