How to fight a war?

So now, instead of the President — whom they also call the Commander-in-Chief [note: corrected the term which is a bit embarrassing given that I am in the military and should have known better] — fighting the war, we’re going to try fighting it from Congress instead. War by committee. This ought to be great.


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6 thoughts on “How to fight a war?

  1. Ahhh Yes, isn’t great ! If all goes badly, they can blame “poor ol’ ‘W’ “, if all goes well they can accept the “Congratulations”. What a Country !

  2. Smittie, I don’t understand your comment. This is a nation ‘of the people’ and Congress is the ‘people’s house’…the most representative part of our government. If the prez calls ALL the shots then he’s not the prez, but the dictator. Iraq is OUR problem, and we need together to fix it (it is broke!). Exec & Legislative working together, let’s hope, and not just a group of rubber-stampers.

  3. Personally, I think we ought to bring all of the soldiers home from everywhere. Then we can fight the bad guys here in the U S. Why should our boys and girls have to go elsewhere to fight ? Come on Liberals ! Bring our guys home !

  4. interesting.
    Aren’t wars meant to be run by committee? What are military advisors for if not to advice the Commander in Chief of what might be the best next move? Everyone can jawbone all they want. In the end it is his decision… after all he is “The Decider” (ooof)
    A friend recently posted how great it would be if elected officals were put in place due to qualifications as opposed to popularity.. but realizes by saying that.. people will ask her what she’s smoking.
    We continue to do what we can with what we’ve got, yes?

  5. Hum. You answer your own question. Military advisors advise the Commander in Chief but in the end it is his decision. No, wars are not meant to be run by committee. Which is why the founding fathers gave control of the military to the President rather than Congress.
    Members of Congress want change in Iraq that will please or at least appease their constituents. What is right is wholly and completely secondary.

  6. Smittie , Amen to your last comment.
    What a shame.
    We are winning in Iraq, but the warlords don’t want it but the regular people of Iraq certainly want us to win. God help us if we don’t win before leaving.

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