Homeschooling, Planning for the future

One of the cool aspects of being home and not yet returning to work is that I have the opportunity to participate more actively in home schooling our two kids. Yesterday was a prime example. We worked on geometry, discovered SparkNotes and worked through some reading and spelling exercises. Dad spent time studying Video Editing and a really cool tool called CSSEdit from MacRabbit software.

Being home is good. I’m happy to be with my family. I enjoy being involved with my kids. I like working with my wife. I’m not really all that excited about going back to work but that’s still a ways off. I’m trying to not think about it.

It seems that I have developed a mental and emotional toughness as a result of the deployment. Also a self-reliance or confidence. I notice it not only in me but in several members of my unit. While I don’t want to go into detail here, my involvement in OIF will mark a turning point in my life.

I think a lot about the guys and gals still over there and those just going. I think a lot about the little boys and girls whose daddies and mommies are far away.


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