Here’s to 400 Days…

So, I finally got my official, from the President, pack your crap, you’re going to Iraq, involuntary mobilization orders. This past Thursday I showed up, as ordered. For the most part it was a non-event. Several of the other soldiers teased me about joining late but in large part, I simply fell in step with everyone else. During the month that everyone else was out in the field training and being miserable, I did manage to get in to the unit office and complete the necessary paperwork so that I was ready for deployment on Thursday. Most of the activity on Thursday and Friday centered around fixing pay problems and after action reports from the previous month’s training. Most of which did not involve me.

Tomorrow we will travel to Fort Dix to begin the mobilization process in earnest. Should be a lot of fun. Once we get into the rhythm of things, I really kind of like being Army. I absolutely hate goodbyes. I have that to look forward to tomorrow morning, or very late tonight depending on your lifestyle. The really early morning flights will put us into Fort Dix in the early evening which means we might get a reasonable night’s sleep tomorrow night, which would be cool.

Today is day three of the deployment.


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