Hawai`i Update

OK, so I’m not as diligent about daily blog entries as I was in Kuwait. I’m working on that, really.
Yesterday was a fun day. We went to Anahola beach. We purchased a third boogie board the day before so the plan was to go to a beach where the kids and I could ride waves on the boogie boards together. Turned out Anahola was a little too big for the kids. We played in the waves a lot.

I managed to get the truck stuck in the sand. Driving on the beach is permitted in Hawai`i. The plan was to drive the truck out to load up the beach gear so we could go home. Save us lugging everything back. As soon as the truck go into the sand I realized I was in trouble. I tried to head back and almost immediately became stuck. A Hawaiian guy pulled up about two minutes after I got stuck.

“Whassamatta, brah?”
“I managed to get the truck stuck in the sand.”
“Four wheel drive, yeah?”
“Dat truck two wheel an’ you try go in da sand? Wha kine stupid are you?”
“A really special kind. Can you help me?”
“Dats pretty funny. I go get one rope. Be back quick.”

I love Hawai`i.


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