Hail and Ice storm in Santa Cruz

Hail in Santa Cruz 3
Last night we were watching a PBS series called Manor House. I usually hate reality TV but this series is really good. They select modern day people to live for three months by the customs, traditions and lifestyle of past periods. We watched the 1940s House in which a family lived in a house according to the standards and customs of World War II England. We also watched the 1900 House. The family lived according to Victorian standards and customs. At one point while watching TV, it began to hail. Loudly. The hail was about the size of or a little larger than moth-balls. The picture here was taken while the hail was coming down during the night.
Hail in Santa Cruz 5
This morning I got up early to meet with a friend. I went outside to find this. I never imaged having to clear ice and hail from the window of my truck here in Santa Cruz. Pretty crazy. I’m sure that someone somewhere will tell us that this is yet another indication that global warming is destroying the planet. I guess. I thought it was a pretty exciting morning.
Hail in Santa Cruz 4
Looking down the street in front of my house I wondered what traffic would be like getting to my friend’s house. It brought back memories of living in Wyoming, Iowa. Every winter at the first snow fall vehicles went slipping, sliding into the ditch. It was amazing. Once out on the streets and then on to the freeway, the ice and hail was reduced to water and evaporating quickly. No big deal. No excitement.


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