Gloves off! Romney, sort of, welcomes Thompson to race

Romney’s main point seems to be, “Gee, Fred. Why don’t you do it like the rest of us?”

Fred Thompson didn’t participate in the early debates. Fred Thompson is opting to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno rather than the next round of debates. Personally, I’d rather see Fred Thompson on Jay Leno or Larry King than any of the scheduled debates. This because ‘debates’ are typically geared not to delve into the candidates core principles that will guide his leadership of the country but rather it is a walk through the minefield of hot button issues of the moment. Organizers and participants are typically less interested in clearly articulating their position on anything than in delivering a good sound byte that will live in replay for a few days or weeks.

As Todd Harris is quoted in the article, we’re going to see months and months and months of debates. Does anyone remember Bill Clinton appearing on the Arsenio Hall show during the campaign season? I’m glad to see someone from the conservative camp finally venturing outside the typical – and comfortable – political venues. Fred Thompson even has a rather cool web site. He can be found on Flickr (the campaign guys should fix the Flickr URL so that it is easy to remember), YouTube and Twitter. That’s pretty cool. He’s on MySpace and FaceBook too, for those who are into that.

One thing the campaign is not doing be should be. Promote the imwithfred tag. Tag everything related to the Fred Thompson campaign with imwithfred., Digg, Flickr, YouTube, blog entries should all have the imwithfred tag.


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