Give Peace a Chance??

I am glad that the three Christian Peacemaker Team members were found and freed. I am sorry that one of their members was killed. However, I quite honestly do not understand what they hoped to accomplish by going to Iraq nor do I understand the logic of peace activism. In the end, one who is willing to use violence, terror, and fear will prevail over one who refuses to use violence. Whether it be individuals or nations. I can arrive at no other conclusion.

And what do we suppose will become of Iraq at this point if, as many suggested, the Coalition withdraws from Iraq? That Iraq will suddenly become a peaceful nation living in harmony with each other and the world? What indications are there for this belief? If the Coalition forces leave today, Iraq will plunge into complete sectarian violence and civil war. The elected government currently struggling to form will be ripped to shreds and eventually, a new Saddam will rise to power. In a land where force and violence are the only languages truly respected by all, the only way to peace and justice is through force and violence. We all wish it wasn’t true but there it is.


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  • 4 miles in 41:06
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