Getting behind…

I’ve fallen behind in my blogging. The big transitions are starting to affect my life. The George Kahumoku concert has been edited together into a show. We’re putting the final touches on the content and packaging. It will hopefully go out the door next week. I’ve begun work on Cabrillo College Theater Arts Department’s production of Oedipus Rex. We’ve shot three nights of dressed rehearsals. We’ll shoot another couple or three nights of performances and then begin editing. That project will present more a challenge in that it is a two camera shoot and it has a deadline. I am currently at the SCAA Expo and Conference in Seattle. Currently in my first morning of the conference it is a too early to make any judgments.

I did get the chance to meet up with a bunch of people that I worked with when I was at Microsoft. Seems like a million years ago but, man, it was good to catch up with old friends.

OK. Enough rambling.


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