I’m A Bad Boy: Google had sent me an email explaining that my account was disabled and why. It landed in my JUNK folder which is why I didn’t see it until a day or so later.

The Evangelicals: If you read Dan Kimball’s article that was linked in ‘The Evangelicals’ then you’ll probably want to read the this sequel.

FilmLoop: I had an interesting email conversation with Guy Kawasaki about FilmLoop vs Flickr. What I didn’t understand (and still don’t) is what FilmLoop has to offer that Flickr doesn’t. I can see a lot of things that Flickr provides that FilmLoop doesn’t. Guy and I went back and forth on it for four or five emails. Guy Kawasaki finally said, “OK smittie, you win.” I didn’t want to win. I wanted to understand. The conversation moved on to blog entries.

For those who don’t know, Guy Kawasaki was the original non-religious evangelist. Guy Kawasaki was on the original Macintosh team. He went on to do a bunch of other things which can be loosely summed up as entrepreneur extrodinaire. Guy now spends his days (this is mostly guess on my part since Guy doesn’t yet share such mundane details with me) helping new entrepreneurs become successful entrepreneurs.

Our conversation started because I basically dissed his current pet product on my blog and TrackBacked his blog. I’m one of 10 to 15 thousand readers of his blog. He could have blown me off. I’m nobody. He didn’t. That’s pretty cool. I’ve worked in, on or around Mac and other Apple products for over 18 years. Guy Kawasaki is one of the legends in the Mac world. One of the original Jedi Knights. The Obi Wan of Mac. Guy likes to play the humble card a lot. I think it’s an Asian thing but in fact, he is a pretty regular guy. He even asked my thoughts on his most recent blog entry.

Thanks, Guy. You made my day.


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