Flickr Update

First, I need to blow some life into this poor blog. I am doing some interesting stuff and I really do want to write about it. So, this is a first attempt.

I’m trying to get as many photos as possible up on my Flickr page. I have been uploading all the pictures from this deployment into a single set. However, I discovered Collections and now even understand how they work. So, I’ve deleted the set that I was using and have divided the photos out into sets that give you some clue as to what they are about.

On The Fob contains photos taken on FOB Hunter, usually of soldiers doing silly stuff. Al Faw Palace contains pictures that I took during my recent visit to Baghdad for a class. I had time to go and visit Saddam Hussein’s old residence. The Face of Iraq is all about pictures that I have taken while out on mission of the Iraqi people. I am posted in the Maysan province in southern Iraq, about 10 miles from the Iranian border.

All of these sets are contained in the Collection titled A/445 CA BN 2009 Deployment.

I enjoy photography so all the photographs are fun but my personal favorite is The Face Of Iraq project that I’m doing. I really like getting out among the people here. I like to see the face of Iraq. To realize it as a community of people with real lives that they are living. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too. Please leave comments if there are photos that you like or cause you to think. I love feedback.


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