Our FEP has begun. I was on watch from 1200 to 1800. Woo hoo. What fun. Voice comms were a problem everywhere. I’m walking up to the van to assume the watch and before I even get there they tell me to go to HDC and trouble-shoot their VHF/UHF. Off I go. Receive but no transmit. Hum? Spent about an hour trouble-shooting HDCs radio when they tell me to get up to the van, they have problems up there. Well, you always have to take care of your own house first so I wander up to the van to find out what’s up. No comms on VHF/UHF with anyone. Hum? So after a few checks I take it all down to cold iron and bring it all back up. Shazam! We got comms! OK, now back to HDCs troubles. I reload crypto and balla-boom, balla-bing, we talking to the world. All in a day’s work.
If all the watches go that smoothly this will be a quick three day exercise.
Three more watches and it’ll all be over.


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