Father’s Day

I think today was one of the best Father’s Days I had in my 12 years of being a dad. There were no presents to speak of. Several fiscal emergencies last month squelched any hope of a present. The kids each gave me a store bought card. They were both cute. What made this Father’s Day great was that I spent the entire weekend making Ipu Heke with my kids and my wife.

We sat out on the little patio cutting open gourds, cleaning out the insides and assemblying them into drums. We helped each other and worked together. And it wasn’t all Dad having all the answers either. Miyuki had a few answers and offered help with mine. Yoshi, ever the helper, was always working on someone’s gourds. Machiko didn’t make any drums of her own which was good. She was busy doing to more technical parts for every one.

I think I am lucky. I have two really great kids. I have so far enjoyed every season of their lives. I look forward to seeing what they will become. I might be sad to know that their childhoods are passing but not for the wonder of what they will be and do tomorrow. I look forward with anxious anticipation to see what exciting things God will do with and through them in their lives.

Aloha Ke Keiki

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