Entertainment in the middle of nowhere

Day 76
I bought two CDs. One by a group called Down To The Bone, the other by Dave Koz. Both fit into my definition of fusion, Dave Koz being more to the Jazz side of the genre.

The Down To The Bone album, From Manhattan to Staten is one that I’ve wanted for some time now. I was already familiar with most of the songs on the album but it is still good to have the album. I’ve enjoyed listening to it. I really like this band.

The Dave Koz album, Saxophonic is really good too. I used to hear Dave Koz on the radio while I was driving to work. I’ve been wanting to get one of his albums. I was looking through the CDs at the exchange and found Saxophonic so I bought it. Dave Koz is a sax player in the vein of David Sanborn.

I’m still working my way through Susan Grafton’s B is for Burglar. I received two John D. MacDonald books I ordered, The Quick Red Fox and A Deadly Shade of Gold. My lovely wife sent me a copy of Emerald Flash by Charles Knief (this guy truly rocks). So I’ve got plenty to read for a while. Oh wait, and I have an autographed copy of Silver Sword by Charles Knief (did I mention that this guy rocks).

So that’s my entertainment line up for the next few weeks. Some good stuff to read, some good music to listen to.


3 thoughts on “Entertainment in the middle of nowhere

  1. Yay, I am soooo glad that you are back. I too am addicted to your blog. It is very refreshing to hear what’s going on with our fellow shipmates so far away knowing that they are still alive and well. Thank you again.

  2. Ditto shipwreck, I was worried. Figured you were out providing some support. I’m proud of you and I am certain most of America is. Say hello to my wife for me, she’s with NAVELSF FWD (A), NCHB-11, She’s an admin weenie (YN1), her names Randa Bartlett. Thanks again for all you are doing.

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