Endings and Beginnings

Day 51
Somehow I apparently did not make a post for yesterday. Not sure how that happened. Also be aware that I will be away for a while. I would suggest check once a week for the next month or so.

All of my friends from 3rd ACR are beginning their trip home tomorrow. I will miss them. We played one last game of Spades today. Sarge and I did not do very well. Sarge was a little more impatient with me tdoay. I guess I’ve used up my “I’m just learning” grace period. That’s as it should be. I’ve learned a lot and we’ve won a few games now. At any rate, Sarge, The Supply Guy, and The Other Guy, you guys enjoy your families and take it easy on the beer and booze. Maybe I’ll make it out to Colorado for one more game of Spades.

A regular reader here that I’ll call The Groom sent me an email and asked if I would say hi to his fiance who I will call the bride. Now when I saw the name of The Bride I recognized it as one that I had seen around camp. So I decided that would not reply to the email and instead find The Bride and tell her, “hi, from your fiance.” Today, I finally saw The Bride. It was great fun watching her as I first walked over and said hi. She was quite surprised. She will be writing The Groom tonight I suspect.
This blog is really great fun for me.

I’m nodding off here so I think I’ll go to bed.


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