DMV Sucks!

Yeah, I know. I’m stating the obvious here. Nonetheless, after today’s experience I feel and deep need to reiterate this painfully obvious truth.

So, I needed to get a base pass for the oh-so-cool red Mustang Convertible — now dubbed the Comms Mobile — so that I can drive it on base. In the course of attempting to do this I was made aware of the fact that the temporary extension of my expired license had expired. No pass! Crap!

I arrived at DMV in Chula Vista at 13:37 according to the stamp on the ticket they gave me that also had my customer number on it. I was G282. Hum? What number are they on? G202. Wow! That’s bad. Oh wait. It gets worse. There are also A, B, C, H, and J sequences being used. Hum? So, I have no way to know where I stand in terms of distance from being served. Guess I better settle in for the wait.

Had an interesting discussion with three other Navy guys. That’s one of the aspects of being in the military that I’ve always enjoyed.

Never did sort out the odd numbering system the DMV used. It took 3 hours to get called. It took 3 minutes — yes, I timed it — to complete my business and exit the building.

So, why have I not yet received my new driver’s license thus landing me in this predicament? The photograph they took “didn’t come out”. I applied for a new license on 12/3/2003. I have received nothing from DMV to date. If the photograph didn’t come out you’d think they could at least let me know.

DMV sucks.

I did manage to finish at DMV with just enough time to get back to the base and get my pass so that I can drive my oh-so-cool red Mustang convertible — now dubbed the Comms Mobile — on to the base. Just barely.


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  1. And then again every now and then one doesn’t get lucky. Why is it that the latter seems to happen more often than the former. ( Actually it doesn’t, it just seems that way )

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