Details: The Big Adventure

So, we drove into the town where Kuwait International Airport is located. It was a somewhat harrowing drive and we weren’t even in a taxi. Looks like they have some nasty accidents here.

The houses and buildings are really quite beautiful. This is most definitely the desert. There is very little vegetation around. We saw a few of the nomadic herdsmen. Or rather we saw their tents.

It all rather reminded me of Tatooine from Star Wars. The buildings were very similar.

So we got to the airport where we were to buy SIM cards for our cell phones so that they would work. Well, the Nokia store where we normally buy them didn’t have any. I found that frustrating. I wanted to get it taken care of and I didn’t want to have to come back. So I walked over to the MTA store that was right next door. The folks that I had come with said they wouldn’t help me. I walked up and the guy behind the counter said what I have to assume was, “can I help you” in Kuwaiti. I asked if he spoke English, he said not much and then made a facial expression that effectively communicated, “if you’re patient we can manage.” Ten minutes later was I walking out with exactly what I came for. He was very nice, very helpful. He went and got some one who spoke better English as soon as the person became available. It was an fun and interesting experience.

So now I have to get the phone so that my family can call it from outside Kuwait. The folks at the phone company are working on that now.

All in all, it was a fun trip. It reaffirms my thoughts that I would really like working in a Civil Affairs unit. I really am going to have to check that out.


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  1. Yeah, actually. I did. The lady taking my order was very friendly. The guy who made the Mocha smiled big when I asked, “how do you say ‘thank you’ here?” The word sounds lot like sugar.

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