Democrats Say Leaving Iraq May Take Years

Someone finally said it. The Democrats will not get us out of Iraq. The Democrats will NOT get us out of Iraq. The Democrats want to keep everyone focused on getting us out of Iraq while the Republicans are in office. It all sounds so good. However, the fact of the matter is that there are American — not to mention global — interests in Iraq such that we cannot simply pack up and leave.

Here it is folks. US involvement in Iraq is about oil. Always has been, always will be. The world’s economy runs on oil. You can cuss it, you can hate, you can talk about how it shouldn’t be, you can talk about how we should change it but after all that talking it will still be the case that, right now, today, the world economy is dependent on oil. The day that the world discovers an alternative source of power, no one will care any more about what happens in the middle east than they currently care about what happens in Africa.

It’s about oil, y’all. And damn well it should be.


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