Dells Finds Love for Apple

This is just funny. Dell is hoping that Apple is going to offer them an alternative to Microsoft Windows. In fact, the Net is a buzz with conversation along the line of Mac OS X will now run on any old Intel box. Which is pretty funny and naive.

Apple is a computer hardware company that also makes software. This is bore out in any review of Apple’s sales figures for just about any quarter you’d like to choose. Mac OS X sells for $135. The upgrade for Windows XP Professional is $235. Steve Jobs in his communications meetings with Apple employees often mentions that one of Apple’s biggest strengths is that they are one of the last companies to make the “whole widget”. Apple is not about to give up its hardware business. If you want to run Mac OS X, you are going to have to buy a computer made by Apple.

It will be interesting to see what happens when people can buy an Intel based PowerMac and then install Windows XP on it in a dual boot configuration. Boot into Mac OS X or Windows XP (or Linux) from a single machine. That will be kind of cool.


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