Day Without Immigrants

Yesterday there was a national protest dubbed, Day Without Immigrants. In the late afternoon I could hear the protesters marching by my office chanting something I couldn’t hear well enough to understand. The core of this issue and the cause of the protest is the McCain-Kennedy bill (H.R.2330, S.1033).

It is interesting to me that in all of the ranting and chanting there is almost no representation of the many other people groups that comprise the immigrant community in America. I haven’t seen any Koreans, Indians (from India, not Native Americans) or Chinese in the protesting masses. None of the Middle Eastern immigrants. None of the other groups that immigrate, by the thousands, to America each year.

And I don’t see anyone pointing out the fact that securing our land borders would only be making the immigration more fair. It is entirely unfair that people who have chosen to circumvent the laws of this country are given any kind of privilege over the thousands of people who adhere to the laws and abide by the process of legal immigration.


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4 thoughts on “Day Without Immigrants

  1. You have your bills incorrect. The bill they claim they are protesting is HR 4437, not the McCain-Kennedy bill.

  2. It was initially going to be titled “A Day Without a Latino”, but was deemed to polarizing.

  3. What I want to know is why don’t they go South of the Border to protest their government’s treatment of it’s citizens?

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