Dating for the camera

First there was Want to Marry a Multimillionaire? Multi-Millionaire, mind you. Most recently there was Joe Millionaire.

Why do people submit themselves to this kind of publicity? I guess there are people out there who enjoy it but I must confess, I do not understand it. It’s kind of like wanting to be a guest on the Jerry Springer Show. I mean like, if you’re walking onto the stage and see Jerry Springer and you don’t know why you’re there, you can be real damn certain that what is about to happen is not going to be good. I often wonder why everyone doesn’t simply turn around and walk out of the studio as soon as they see Springer standing there.

The other part I don’t get – and this bothers me a lot more than the first ’cause it probably means I’m getting old – is why people watch these shows. What entertainment value these shows offer is completely lost on me. Now, I can remember hearing my Grandparents say that. I always thought they didn’t get it because they were too old.