Cool Java Joints & Portable Comms School

OK, so, first I have to tell you about this really cool little joint that I’m hanging out in. It’s called Coffee Breakers and it is down in Imperial Beach. If you’re in the San Diego area you should check it out. When they close at nine I’ll probably head up to Starbucks.

Today I went to a comms school that I set up. There is this group of Marines who teach comms at a unit called EWTGPac. They rock! I’ve been through one of their courses before. So when I found out that we would be headed out for some real world ops I contacted their CO and asked if they could provide some specialized training so that I could begin teaching my own unit. Up to now we have been dependent on outside resources for portable voice comms training.
Today was the first day of a two day class. One other guy from my unit and I and the instructor. The instructor is has twenty three years in the Marine Corps as a communicator. This guy has forgotten more about comms than I will ever know. He’s awesome. It was a lot of fun to have him basically all to myself. He loves teaching and training. I learned a lot about PRC-117Fs, PRC-119s, and how to trouble shoot comms between dissimilar radios. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.


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