Congratulations Iraq!

Iraq voted in its first paraliment since the 2003 invasion. The turn out was greater than in most western nations.

There will be much naysaying and negativity from around America about this. I have to confess I’m at a loss to know what exactly they will find negative to say but I am convinced that no one will concede the administration credit that things are going pretty much according to the plan they have repeated over and over. The correct course of action is to now take our cue from the duly elected Iraqi government. When that government tells us and the United Nations that they no longer require Coalition forces to provide security, it will be time for all of those forces to leave.

I think what has happened in Iraq is a good thing. As I read about the elections and Iraqi reaction, I remember the day that sovereignty was turned over to the Iraqi Interim government. The Iraqis on the oil platform where I was stationed threw a party that lasted all night. They brought us cake, fruit and other foods, asking us to join in their celebration. They thanked us. One Iraqi to one American service member, in broken English, they thanked us. They were happy.

Congratulations Iraq. Congratulations.


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