Combat Life Saver!

I passed Combat Life Saver (CLS)! That was the last of the things I feared in coming on deployment. I didn’t want to get the small pox vaccination again, I didn’t want to get a lot of other shots again and I was afraid of CLS. I have now passed CLS.

CLS teaches one to deal with three avoidable life threatening situation in combat. Bleeding out, collapsed lung, obstructed airway. The correction involves tourniquets and IVs, needle decompression of the chest cavity and a nasal airway. One of the requirements of the class is to successful start an IV. This is the part I was frightened by. That and allowing some beginner to start an IV on me. I got my IV started first try without incident. My partner stuck me once but was unsuccessful. He had an appointment so he had to leave early. He’ll have to go back, hopefully with someone else as a pin cushion.

Other aspects of training are going well. There is a lot of repeat training from my last deployment so I don’t find much of it very interesting to talk about.


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