Coffee Shops in Kyoto

One of the things we’re doing while we’re here is checking out Japanese coffee shops. I’ve always loved the kissaten concept. It is interesting that most of the kissaten in Japan serve pretty bad coffee. My wife is amazing. She’s spent a lot of time researching the kissaten in Kyoto to find those that really understand coffee. We’ve been to some really good places.

Yesterday we went to a place called Maeda Coffee. They have two shops which is a little uncommon in Japan. One is a typical kissaten place. The other, the one we went to, is in the Kyoto Art Center. The center is housed in a restored elementary school. Maeda Coffee is in one room of the Museum. Very cool. Great food. Pretty good coffee. They take some liberties with the definition of cappuccino but not distractingly so. Very enjoyable.

Tully’s is our standby for a great cappuccino. We go there at least once a day since my addiction to espresso and cappuccino requires at least two to three cups a day.


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  1. Welcome Home,
    Looking forward to your story of the entire trip. It must have been very rewarding..

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