CNET: Why Apple can’t do to video what it did to music

Forrester’s James L. McQuivey says it’s time for Apple to change its video game plan, starting with winning NBC back.
Yesterday Greg Sandoval, quoting McQuivey’s report, tried to convince us that Apple should go grovelling after NBC because they represent 30% of a business that is used by 19% of iPod owners. This is a very low margin business sector for Apple. Apple gets a very small piece of the $1.99 they charge for a TV show.
Today, McQuivey tells us that there’s no way to put your existing video library on your AppleTV or video iPod. Apparently, Mr. McQuivey hasn’t bother to investigate software such as Roxio’s Popcorn or Flip4Mac’s Drive-In. Moreover, McQuivey completely ignores the elephant in the room, YouTube. McQuivey also ignores the growing popularity of video podcasts and the emergence of internet only production companies like Revision3.
NBC looks for all the world like the first dinosaur to get stuck in the tar pits.

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